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Are you struggling?



You don't have to manage this alone




Working Together ... 

I'll help you understand how to quickly reset!


In just one session, I’ll show you how to break these negative patterns and IMMEDIATELY shift your mindset to access more

  • Healing

  • Happiness

  • Love

  • and Luck 


Yes, I said access more luck!


Meditation Grandmasters of India tell us ...

"All the pain and pleasure you experience is Karmicly set. 

To improve your Karma, you simply need to generate more Kamaaee (aka Spiritual Flow)."

>>> So then, we work on increasing your Spiritual Flow to overcome your struggles (aka Karmic blocks)!

I'm a 30-year student of one of these RARE Miraculous Enlightened Indian Meditation Grandmaster. Using Grandmaster's teachings, I'll guide you in meditation sessions, paired with strong energy work, to help you EXPERIENCE deeper beneficial mindset shifts, faster - by creating more Spiritual Flow in your life!


Stop suffering alone and let me help you get into the Healing and Winning mode!


I can easily work with you over a phone or video call.


I look forward to being of service to you in your time of need.


Always here to help 🙏🏽


Ravi Singh

Oneness Meditation Therapy

Contact Ravi online 24/7 at Contact Ravi

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