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“First off, try Reiki. This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you"

- Dr. Oz

Reiki In Medicine

Dr. Oz said, "We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure.  As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel." - Dr. Oz 


The quality of health care depends in part on the accuracy of information published in medical journals. The peer-review process is designed to maintain scientifically credible information and research standards. Papers are critiqued and approved by at least two experts (usually researchers or physicians) prior to being accepted for publication.

The following are Reiki research and papers published in peer-reviewed medical journals and indexed on PubMed. All of the papers mentioned in the citations have been carefully vetted.

There is much hype on the internet about Reiki research, and I encourage you not to get caught up in it. You can be confident that these medical links, papers and the articles referred to in them are credible. A PubMed search will lead you to the abstracts of articles cited in the papers below:

Reiki Healing and Mental Health: What the Research Shows

By Deborah Bier, PhD

Dana-Farmer Cancer Institute

Reiki is an ancient Asian healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing by stimulating the immune system. Reiki is thought to help relieve physical and emotional symptoms.

Hartford Hospital - Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Department is a division of the Helen & Harry Gray Cancer Center.

University of Minnesota - What Does the Research Say about Reiki?

How Reiki Helps Cancer Patients

Effects of Reiki on autonomic activity early after acute coronary syndrome.  

J Am Coll Cardiol. 2010 Sep 14;56(12):995-6.

Reiki for Support of Cancer Patients. Advances in Mind-Body Medicine.

Fall 2007;22(2):20-26.

Reiki–Review of a Biofield Therapy: History, Theory, Practice and Research. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


Reiki Vibrational Healing. Interview with Bonnie Horrigan.  Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 2003;9(4):74-83.

Preliminary report on the use of Reiki for HIV-related pain and anxiety. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


Case Report: Enhancing the Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Reiki Training and Treatment. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


Reiki: A Starting Point for Integrative Medicine. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


Is there any significant experience with using Reiki in the hospital or ER setting and any literature to support this use? 

Explore (NY). 2005 Sep;1(5):414.

Palliative care service at the NIH includes Reiki and other mind-body modalities. Advances in Mind Body Medicine.

2004 Summer;20(2):30-1.

Living in Relation to Mystery: Addressing Mind, Body, and Spirit. Advances in Mind Body Medicine. 

2003 Summer;19(2):30-1.



Dr. Krishna's response upon awakening from a Reiki session:

“The mind is still.  Very still, yet aware.  Very still."

-  Dr. Krishna:

     American Board Pulmonary Disease

     American Board Internal Medicine

     AV Hospital's Chief

     AV Hospital Board Member

     Lancaster, CA



“As you worked on Brandon, I could feel your energy all the way on the other side of the room.  Very relaxing, calming.  Beautiful.”

- Peggy Dace

     Research Director

     Whitaker Wellness Institute

     Newport Beach, CA

“Ravi Singh is an extraordinary practitioner of "Energetic Body Balancing", a field of Energy Medicine, that integrates both mind-body-medicine to give very impressive healing results. "

- Dr. Singh

     American Board Neurology

     Beverley Hills, CA

"Hi Ravi,

I would like to give you my testimonial honoring you and your work.

I would recommend Ravi Singh to all my closest friends and relatives. He's a true expert in his field and he has brought me many gifts. Whether you want to improve your health, inner peace, longevity or begin a meditation practice, Ravi will show you how."

- Juniper Lusk

     Administrative Director

     Passages Malibu

     Malibu, CA


“The pain is gone.  Like a morphine shot in the brain.  Just gone.”

          - Bernice


"Oh my God.  Where did my stress go Ravi?  Thank you so much.  I feel like you helped me take back control of my life.  Thank you. Thank you.  Thank you.

          - Delana

"I feel so so grateful Ravi.  Thank you."

          - Jennifer

“Your treatments are amazing.  You always seem to find a way to bring me hope and inspire me to take the next step.  Thank you Ravi, I am truly grateful.”



"Thanks to you buddy I don't drop acid (LSD) anymore".

          - Kevin

“I no longer need my daily migraine meds.”

         - Brajas


“Wow..this is what peace feels like.”



“Wow, wow, wow”

          - Mr. Carter


"My heart just opened up.  All this just opened.”






Having lunch with Dr. Andrew Weil at his restaurant; True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica

At the University of Arizona's Integrative Medicine Clinic- 

Dr. Weil often recommends energy therapy to patients with chronic pain as well as for treatment to promote relaxation and ease anxiety.

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