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Greater Happiness with Spiritual Life Coaching & Reiki

Getting To A Place Called "Happiness" 


Perhaps you've heard - we are our thoughts?


In fact, the quality of our entire life is based on our thoughts – this is known as our perception.


Ever wish you could just set yourself free?


How much more expansive and joyful would your life be if you weren't limited by your current perception?


Getting to a place called happiness starts with simply noticing our own negative judgmental thoughts and making a decision to get help when we notice these thoughts, especially if these thoughts occur frequently.  Yes, that's easier said than done, but there is help and it's easier than you think.  We'd like to offer it to you ... read on.

When we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts, feelings, or addictions, this limits the flow of "life force" that surrounds and permeates our body.  This is the beginning of pain and/or disorder whether we are living in:

     - Anger of the past
     - Boredom of the present
     - Worry, fear and/or anxiety about the future.

Each one of these circumstances stems from one or several negative thoughts or tendencies, which translates into pain/disorder/disease.  This pain attaches to the body's energy field and causes a disruption in the flow of life force, which affects our Body, Mind, and Spirit.
This can create problems...

     - Spiritually
     - Emotionally
     - Mentally
     - Physically
     - and with intimacy, trust & personal connections

How can Reiki Energetically Balance me and make me happy?

Reiki works in ways that science cannot yet fully describe except through a mechanism known as entrainment, however the obvious outcomes of Reiki are:

     - Calming of the nervous system
     - Support of the immune system
     - Helping to Emotionally Detox

     - Promoting mental clarity for a healthy Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

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