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Q & A


Q: Is there more than one type of Energy Healing therapy?

A: While there are different names for Energy Healing, Reiki Energy Healing works with the same one "life force".  Different cultures have their own names and descriptions for this "life force". Here are a few popular names of energy therapies these days:

  • Reiki

  • Kundalini

  • Qi Gong

  • Pranic Healing

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Healing Touch

They're many other energy modalities as well that are not as main-stream as the above mentioned, though they all work with the same life force.


Q: What is Reiki?

A: Reiki means "Life Force". Ancient cultures all over the world used to be very familiar with this "Life Force". Some other names for this "Life Force" are Kundalini, Parana, Chi, Ki, Qi, .... Though the names may be many, there is only one Life Force. Reiki is the Japanese name for "Life Force".


Q: Is any one energy therapy better than the others? 

A: No, it seems the practitioner's relationship with the "life force" itself is the determining factor in how well the practitioner can channel the energy -- regardless of the energy modality. The techniques of a spiritual practice instructed by a Guru is key to creating an intimate relationship with the "life force".

Distance Healing Sessions


Q: Does distance matter?

No, distance doesn’t matter with energy work.  Everything in our Universe is connected by energetic “threads”.  When we work directly with pure energies, physical space or distance isn’t a factor.  During a distance session there is a direct connection between the client and practitioner regardless of the actual physical distance between these two individuals.  I’ve personally done sessions (over the phone) with clients on the other side of the country (as far as 3000 miles away :)


Q: What is your spiritual practice?

A: Many techniques, practices, experiences and abilities are between the Master and disciple, but here are some teachings that my teacher gives me to follow that I can share with you that increase one's relationship with the "Life Force Energy":

  1.  Meditate from midnight to 5am.
Meditation between 2am to 5am is greatly amplified during this time.

   2.  Donít kill or eat anything that possess a soul such as meat

   3.  Don't eat anything that hosts a soul

   4.  Don't smoke

   5.  Don't do drugs

   6.  Donít drink alcohol

   7.  Don't hurt people

   8.  Don't hurt animals

   9.  Don't cut head hair

   10.  Don't cut beard

   11.  Check-in at least 1 time per week with my teacher

   12.  Be in India with my teacher for continued meditation training (generally 1 month per year)

   13.  Be in Canada with my teacher for continued meditation training during the summer (generally 6 weeks per year)

   14.  Participate in Sewa (selfless community service)

   15.  Earn honestly

   16.  Donate 10% of earnings

   17.  Help those in need


Q: How does energy healing approaches like Reiki and other energy modalities work?

A: We are alive because "life force" is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. It also flows around us in a field of energy called the aura. Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it causes diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body.

The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings that attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force that diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body.

Reiki and other modalities heal by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki as well as other energy modalities clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


Q: Does Energy Healing like Reiki hurt? 

A: No, actually many find it very relaxing and rejuvenating.


Q: How is it that you are able to do energy types of healing sessions? 

A1: It’s a gift -- 100% a gift from Baba Ji, my Teacher.

A2: I know it's not the answer you want - I'll try to expand on the above answer.  I have been blessed by my Teacher with a series of meditative practices over the years which has led to a specific state-of-mind, and relationship with the "life-force". Through my Teacher's Blessings in the forms of guidance, love, compassion, forgiveness, patience and overall investment into me ... (for reasons unknown to me) has resulted this  gift of being able to channel energy. I don't consider this an "earned" ability, therefore, I'll end this answer as I started it --  It's a gift from my Teacher.


Q: Are you a Reiki Master? 

A: Yes, one of my energy modalities is that of a Certified Reiki Master Teacher.


Q: What is the single biggest thing your patients want to change in their life with energy work such as reiki and how does that work? 

A: Every patient and client I have ever worked with has wanted to increase their happiness. 

A: This works by increasing the client's  "happiness" (or as my teacher likes to say - "bad luck changes to good luck") in various aspects of one's life.  These are just some of the many ways this happiness can manifest in one's life:

  • emotionally

  • mentally

  • physically

  • synchronicity

  • financially

  • luck


Q: Why is a healing channel beneficial? 

A: Most people have not developed their meditative mind through meditative practices under the guidance of a Master. As a result, the stresses of life takes it's toll on a person and takes that person out of ease and puts them into a state of dis-ease. The stronger aura of a person with a meditative mind will act as a healing channel and can pull a much stronger flow of Divine Healing Energy into that of the weaker aura of the person who has not developed a meditative mind. 


Q: What is a healing channel? 

A: An energy healing channel is a person who is a "conduit, connection,  supply-line" to help you bring in more Divine Energy into your aura.


Q: Can my karma, my destiny, be re-written and improved on? If yes, then how do I do it? 

A1: Yes, absolutely!

A2: How you improve your karma is something I prefer to share with you one-on-one experientially, as my Teacher, an Enlightened Masters named Baba Ji, did with me.   


Q: I just want to feel better. I want to be happy. I don't want to feel depressed anymore. I just can't take it any longer. I want to be off my mood meds. How do I do it? 

A: Your happiness comes from your connection with the "life force". The stronger the connection you make with the "life force", the more euphoric you feel.

I would advise you get started with Energetics Sessions immediately.


Q: What exactly are you thinking and doing during the healing session? 

A: I get this question a lot and am always reluctant in answering this question to early on as I need to get you past where your logic currently goes for you to understand the answer – so let's revisit this question after you have had a few sessions.  For now you can call it "magic".  My personal definition of magic, is when you can do something that science cannot yet duplicate. 


Q: Are there any side affects to Reiki energy healing? 

A: None -- After a Reiki or other energy medicine sessions, some people describe experiencing a glowing or radiance, as well as feelings of peace and well-being. Others feel nothing at all, while still others experience an intense emotional release. At the very least, expect to feel extremely relaxed; you may even fall asleep. Occasionally people feel a release emotion like laughing or crying.


Q: Does Reiki energy results depend on my religious background? 

A: No. Energy work that connects to the "Life Force" is above religion. Actually the goal of all religions is to connect you with the "Life Force".


Q: Does Reiki still work even if I don’t feel or sense anything? 

A: Absolutely.  What you feel or sense is based on your sensitivity and how relaxed you are during your session. If you go quiet and maintain a relaxed sense of awareness, you'll often feel the energies coming into your aura. 


Q: Will I feel any sensations or anything during the Reiki energy healing session? 

A: Most people do. If you are sensitive to the subtleness of these frequencies, then you will easily have some sensations. However if your mind is a bit scattered and running at the time of the healing session, then you will not generally sense as much, or anything at all.


Q: I’m skeptical.

A:  I know this is a statement, not a question. But I hear your questioning, and that is the actual problem, or should I say the cause of the problem.  My Teacher teaches that we are ruled by our senses, which feeds our brain and then interprets possible outcomes for us in our lives. Our brain doesn’t have the facts so it grabs at straws to make sense of what’s going on.  Here’s a big step – caution, don't get offended - we have lost touch with reality, the True Reality, the true message of the wise-men (and wise-women) of the past; the wholly, the silent sages, and saints. We have lost the TWO-way connection to communicate with the Divine; and therefore the brain just gets more and more brainwashed by the non-wise.  To remove your skepticism, you may need to experience "it" over and over again -- until you "experience it". One you "experience it", the skepticism will be gone. It may not be easy at first – but it is that simple.


Q: How many sessions of Energy Work are required to see a change? 

A: It depends on how many “blocks & knots” you have put into your “karmic system”.  Perhaps a few sessions. Maybe several. Could be as little as one. Through blessings of my teacher, I generally sense your energy flow within a few minutes and guide you from there.


Q: Am I required to do anything during the healing sessions? 


A: No - nothing is required of you. However, if you would like to experience the sensations then you should try to get comfortable and become mentally still and aware. I can also give you an easy meditative practice during the session to help you better sense and retain the experience as we go through the session together.


Q:  Why are some doctors hesitant about complementary and alternative medicine like energy work? 

A:  Many conventional doctors practicing today did not receive training in CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) therapies, so they may not feel comfortable making recommendations or addressing questions in this area. However, as the evidence for certain therapies increases, doctors are increasingly open to complementary and alternative medicine.

Additionally, doctors are subject to liability every time they make a referral, so they only tend to make referrals that are supported by the mainstream American Medical Association (AMA) to play it safe for themselves.


Q:  How can alternative medicine like energy healing help me heal? 

A:  Health is a state-of-mind.  You can be healthy if you can change your state-of-mind.  Here's another 2 basic ways you can use your experience to see how energy medicine can help:

  1. The extra energy that is brought to you because of the channel can help your body to remove blockages both mental and emotional as well as restore and correct  “imbalance”, “contraction”, “blockage”, and lack of energy flow to various areas of your body as I mentioned before.

  2. More significantly, energy medicine can help you experience something your brain and senses may not be able to explain away. This unexplainable sensation for you can help to open your mind to start you into a philosophical change in consciousness to establish a better sense of remembrance and gratitude towards the Supreme Power (God), which will allow you to tap into the healing conscious yourself -- this is an important key to maintaining health.


Q:  I’ve heard that diseases spreads in an acidic - less alkaline body environment. How does Energy Healing work into this?


A:  Yes, science seems to support that disease thrives in an acidic environment. The way the sages explain this, is to look at the different manifestations of what you perceive is you.  You may see yourself as manifest as a physical body, but you also have an energy body as well (plus other subtle bodies that I won’t discuss in this response to keep it simple).  The health of one is tied to the other.

So yes, your physical body will deteriorate in an acidic environment and this will also lead to the deterioration of your energy body. Introducing a greater flow of healing energies will strengthen your aura; thereby strengthening your physical body as Divine Energy has an alkaline affect on your physical body.  Similarly, meditation has a very alkaline affect on your physical body as well. While stress, anger, jealousy, hate and depression have a very acidic affect on your body.


Q:  Should I stop taking my medicine from my regular doctor when we start energy healing sessions? 

A:  No! You are taking the medication based on your "current" condition as per your doctor's findings. As we work together towards improving your health, keep your doctor informed as to how you're feeling and your doctor can re-test you and adjust your medicine as the doctor deems necessary.


Q: What amazing things have you learned from your teacher? 


A: I wouldn't be able to express it. And you wouldn't be able to understand it. Baba Ji says it like this: It's as if you are trying to describe the taste of a deliciously sweet fruit to another person -- except the other person is "def" and you are "mute". To communicate the sweetness of the fruit you would have to place a piece of the fruit into the "def" person's mouth. The result is instant understanding through "experience". This is the same thing. It can only be experienced to be communicated.


Q: Is there some kind of basic practice that your teacher you call Baba Ji has you do that you can share? 

A: Here are 2 basic practices that will take you where ever you want to go:

1) After we have found a true enlighten master, we need to stop questioning them and do what they say. DON'T contemplate what they say -- you just do it. The mind always gets in the way. There are mind viruses that are running like toxic programs in our head. An enlighten master such as Baba Ji will give the exact actions to remove these toxic mind virus, so it is critical to follow directions.

2) Baba Ji assigns this meditative practice known in India as Sadhna:

  • Awake in the Amrit Vela, early twilight morning hours before sunrise, between 2 am to 5 am is best.

  • Take a shower

  • Then sit quietly and do the prescribed daily readings / lessons. This takes about 1 hour.

  • After contemplating the readings / lessons then meditate for about 1 to 1.5 hours with the use of certain mantras to hold the mind.

  • There are a set of evening lessons and meditations as well.

  • Baba Ji says if you don't cut your hair it will steady the mind for deeper meditation.

  • Baba Ji also says if you stop eating meat even deeper levels of meditational benefits will unfold.

  • There are other practices but this covers the "meditative" basics.


Q: Why is your Reiki so strong? 

A: I can tell you 4 short stories to help make this point more clear and believable to you:

1) My Teacher, Baba Bhagwan Singh Ji of Rara Sahib, India (a.k.a. Baba Ji), is not my Reiki Teacher, but my Primary Teacher -- my Spiritual Teacher and an amazing Miracle Worker. In India when other saints come to see Baba Ji they bow to Baba Ji's feet to pay there respects to Baba Ji because of His extremely high level of connectedness to the Divine. These saints do not let Baba Ji bow in response to them as they say Baba Ji is not just a saint but a maker of saints.

2) Joylina Gooding did Reiki on Baba Ji once. She was shaking and sweating as so much energy passed through her while working on Baba Ji. Joylina refused to take money from Baba Ji as she said what she got was far more valuable. She said it was as if her Reiki became 10 times stronger after performing Reiki on Baba Ji. Baba Ji told me to learn Reiki from Joylina. Joylina Goodings is my Reiki Teacher.

3) Another incident was with a clairvoyant doctor named Terri who has a very busy and successful Western & Chinese Medical practice in London. Terri was in one of the back examination rooms with a patient when Baba Ji walked into her office lobby. Terri saw a very bright light coming from Baba Ji that flooded her office. Terri asked Baba Ji if she could examine Him in one of the back examination rooms. Terri began to scan Baba Ji's aura from head to feet. Her hands shook more and more as she approached Baba Ji's feet. As she got close to Baba Ji's feet, she put her head to the floor at Baba Ji's feet to bow to Baba Ji. Terri then said "there is nothing anyone can do to heal Baba Ji, Baba Ji has been sent here to heal people."

4) Early on at level one in my Reiki studies I was doing Reiki on Baba Ji with 4 other people simultaneously. 2 of the others were Reiki Masters, and the other 2 (plus myself) were Reiki beginners. As we were simultaneously doing Reiki on Baba Ji, Baba Ji said "Ravi's Reiki is  very strong". Since that moment my Reiki has been strong. When a Saint of Baba Ji's level say something -- it comes to be. So long story short, once again it's a Blessing from Baba Ji.


Q: Are there any side affects to Energy Alternative Medicine? 


A: None -- After a Reiki or other energy medicine sessions, some people describe experiencing a glowing or radiance, as well as feelings of peace and well-being. Others feel nothing at all, while still others experience an intense emotional release. At the very least, expect to feel extremely relaxed; you may even fall asleep. Occasionally people feel a release emotion like laughter or crying as trapped emotions surface.


*** WARNING ***



Q: Do you believe in dark energy, like black magic?

A: Dark energy such as "black magic" is a proven fact in all cultures across all religions dating back thousands of years. It's not a question of believing in it - it's a question of whether you are familiar and know about it.

On this point, it's extremely beneficial for one to learn how to get help to:
   1.  cleanse themselves of people doing black magic on them
   2.  and seek practices that will help you better shield from black magic practitioners.

You'd be surprised to learn how many US Presidents have worked with magic and shielding as well as how many in the Hollywood entertainment industry have some affiliation with "black magic". Since privacy is important, you won't hear much about this in main stream.

Black magic is always about greed, power and control. It's very powerful and will turn your life upside down if you don't get the right help.

Q: How do I know if someone is sending me bad energy like "black magic"?

A: People who practice the dark side of energy work will generally want to hurt you dearly by hurting your loved ones first.  A "black magic" practitioner likes to create havoc in your loved ones lives with financial hardships and or health issues.  Then the circumstances cause you to watch helplessly from the sidelines as you will not be able to improve the situation's of your loved ones. Eventually the "black magic" practitioner will come after you last for the final blow.  This is a very common practice in the east, from the middle east to the far east.  When you notice these patterns - get appropriate help fast. This practice of dark energy has a long history in Europe as well and is increasing in use now with the convenience of the internet to make so much of this more accessible.


Q: Can you see my aura?  What color is my aura?

A: Humility goes a long way on this path.  It is the relationship with my teacher, Baba Ji, by following the teachings and instructions he lays out that all allows me to see your aura.

A: Your aura is not just one color and it is changing frequently.  It seems to present more like a thermo or heat image.


Q: Do you believe in ghost?  Have you see any?

A: Everything is energy, divine conscious energy, even ghost.  More to your question, yes I've seen them frequently when with my teacher.

Here's a true story of an exorcist performed by my  teacher's teacher Sant Isher Singh

1) Yes the 1st 2 paragraphs are boring
2) Manmohan Singh is a small child of about 8 years of age
3) Nadhir Shah (person of history who lead the Afghan army (a very powerful army) to invade India in the 1700). Suleman, through the child, makes reference that he came into India at that time with Nadhir Shah.
4) In the recording link below, the young boy of about 8 years old named Manmohan Singh is possessed by the ghost/spirit of Suleman & is speaking with the voice of an old man, however Manmohan is now only a young teenager at this time. Manmohan is also speaking in a language unknown to him and his family with a dialect used about 1,000 years ago. The wisdom and vocabulary of the young Manmohan Singh is also far above what a village boy could possibly know. The boy is speaking with my teacher's teacher who is an elder man of mid seventies.  So that is why it will sound like 2 elderly men are speaking, when in fact one of them is young Manmohan Singh as Suleman the ghost speaks through him.

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