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Here's a true story of an exorcist performed by Grandmaster's Grandmaster, Sant Isher Singh Ji. 

1) Yes, the 1st 2 paragraphs are a slow read for historical facts ... and then the story begins!

2) Manmohan Singh is a small child. 

3) Nadhir Shah (person of history who lead the Afghan army (a very powerful army) to invade India in the 1700). Suleman, through the child, makes reference that he came into India at that time with Nadhir Shah.

4) In the recording link below, the young boy named Manmohan Singh is possessed by the ghost/spirit of Suleman & is speaking with the voice of an old man, however Manmohan is now only a young teenager at this time. Manmohan is also speaking in a language unknown to him and his family with a dialect used about 1,000 years ago. The wisdom and vocabulary of the young Manmohan Singh is also far above what a village boy could possibly know. The boy is speaking with my teacher's teacher who is an elder man of mid seventies.  So that is why it will sound like 2 elderly men are speaking, when in fact one of them is young Manmohan Singh as Suleman the ghost speaks through him.

WOW!! WOW!! And WOW!! ... here is the audio recording of Grandmaster's Grandmaster speaking with this 1,000 year old ghost through the little boy. So you will hear 2 elderly men speaking, but one of those is the young boy channeling the Suleman ghost. WOW!!!!!!

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