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High Spiritual Flow Therapy


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Health, Wealth & Happiness

are all controlled by your LUCK!


Do you recall ...


When your LUCK WAS GOOD, nothing stopped you and success was yours - regardless of how many things went wrong!



When your LUCK WAS BAD, nothing helped you, and you were unsuccessful - despite doing everything right!







So what's the best way to improve Your Luck?


Let Ravi Singh show you how Magical Indian Meditation Grandmasters teach us to improve our Luck Factor with MORE Spiritual Flow.







Curious Girl

Ravi will guide you into a series of the strongest SPIRITUAL FLOW sessions you have ever experienced.



You will then begin to CREATE MORE
clarity • understanding • solutions • peace • freedom • purpose • synergy • luck • healing • happiness • confidence • balance

For help creating more Spiritual Flow in your life, schedule a Free Discovery Call




Release Limiting Beliefs.


clarity • peace • liberation • purpose • synergy • luck • happiness

Want to know how Indian Meditation Masters
 create the mindset for Profound Growth & Transformations,

Enjoy this Beautiful & Powerful 

Simaran Meditation Track

Bhai Niranjan Singh - Waheguru in Raag AArtist Name
00:00 / 15:47

In 3 simple steps, I'll help you have incredible mindset SHIFTS that gets you ...

1) unstuck

2) rebalanced

3) inspired

4) moving forward more efficiently 

5) and MORE QUICKLY towards your dreams & goals. 


I use my 30 years of advanced meditation experience to facilitate powerful 1 on 1 sessions to help you accomplish these mindset shifts!"

Ravi Singh

Oneness Meditation Therapy

Ravi Singh

Oneness Meditation Therapy

Deep Meditation Trance States with Ravi can help you better integrate your subconscious & superconscious, which is powerfully useful for:

  • Removing the pain of a broken heart from any source: romantic, work, family or friend-related

  • Stress relief from any source: work, traffic, toxic relationships, deadlines, finances, and more

  • Removing energy blockages and entities 

  • Depression, phobias, anguish, desperation, anxiety reduction

  • Panic attacks

  • Insomnia

  • Trauma, mental trauma, emotional trauma

  • Emotional stress relief from family and friends

  • Divorce support

  • Lack of purpose in life

  • General health maintenance and support

  • Complementary to conventional medical treatment 

  • Cancer support

  • Lessening physical discomfort and healing injuries: menstrual cramps/pain, digestive ailments, heart ailments, pain management, headaches and migraines, immune system weakness

  • Pre/post-surgery recovery and depression

  • Drug and alcohol rehab support

Your Karmic Blocks need to be overcome for Success

Whether it's for health, wealth, or happiness ...

If you struggle to achieve your goal without success, though you have applied smart effort towards your goal, then it's a strong Karmic obstacle that stands between you and your goal.

In the video above, beating Cancer is used as an example.

  ... within 15 minutes, experience the heightened  FLOW state that solves life's problems!


Ravi Singh

Oneness Meditation Specialist

"Correctly done, deep Meditative Trance States creates more Spiritual FLOW which improve all aspects of your life!"

- Ravi Singh

Working with Ravi is convenient & brings results...

  • Video Conferencing Convenience

  • 27 Years of Experience

reiki for inner peace


reiki for happiness


reiki for balance


reiki energy for relationships


You're in for a BIG Surprise!

What sets Ravi apart from 99% of other Meditation Specialist?



The quick answer is, Ravi's Teacher!


Ravi's Teacher is one of those Magical NO LIMITS Indian Meditation Grandmasters!!


 ... these NO LIMIT Masters are simply not in the public awareness, media, and science journals. These Master DO exist, and they are not to be confused with the Stage Performers and authors we tend to see and hear about in the "limelight". 



Ravi's Grandmaster comes from a lineage of Grandmasters that INSTANTLY, at the speed of thought, do seemingly IMPOSSIBLE things such as:

  • Instantly cure depression & anxiety.

  • Heal the terminally ill.

  • Remove Karmic obstacles

  • ... 

These REAL Masters do Metaphysical things beyond our ability to replicate. And these Masters seem to do these miraculous things AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT

All Laws of Nature (bio, physical, electrical, karmic, ...) must submit to the will of these Grandmasters. In India, these Masters are known as BrahmGiani Sants (Sants is pronounced as Sanths).

Mind blowing, I know, but they exist! And if you're lucky, you'll find a REAL BrahmGiani Sant in a sea of imposters, again, if you're lucky!

Ravi is not a BrahmGiani Sant as his Teacher/Grandmaster is.  


Ravi simply and humbly shares these teachings with people who want his guidance from his Grandmaster's teachings on meditation to improve their lives in magical and transforming ways - and how to ALWAYS be in a state of happiness

What sets Ravi apart


This life force energy (aka Prana, Chi, Ki, Kundalini, Reiki, ...) is said to sustain all living beings and FLOWS from the Life Source.

When YOU LEARN ONENESS MEDITATION, your life force energy strengthens and you feel euphoric & optimistic. You have more luck and ease in pursuing your goals.

When your life force energy is weakened you feel stress, anxious, depressed, and uninspired. Life feels hopeless and hard when your life force energy is weakened.

3 Commonly Known Reiki Levels

The First Degree of Reiki teaches you how to place your hands on your own or another person's body to bring healing energy to the major organs and glands and to find the cause of the problem. Then that person can heal him/herself. There are four initiations to establish the flow of this energy through a practitioner.

The Second Degree of Reiki increases the flow of energy. It also provides the practitioner with the ability to help another person to make changes in habits or attitudes that the person wishes to make. There is also the ability to do all these things at a distance. There are three Japanese empowerment symbols we use to facilitate this.

The Third Degree of Reiki is the teaching level. A teacher is called a Reiki Master. On a practical level, you practice Reiki every day and learn about the ways to impart the teachings of Reiki. However, the real work is going inward and upward, IF YOU LEARN ONENESS MEDITATION CORRECTLY. This mastery of Self can easily take several decades. 

Ravi Singh

Correctly done, Guided Meditation is powerful. When we raise our spiritual vibration, our life magically transforms!"

Ravi Singh

Oneness Meditation Therapist

Increase your Spiritual Flow to gain more clarity & synchronicity to Shape Your Destiny!"

Ravi Singh  

Oneness Meditation Therapist

about Ravi's


It's Perfect Malibu

Sober Living Homes

Malibu, California
Meditation Therapist, Reiki Therapist

Passages Addiction Treatment Centers

Malibu, California
Meditation Therapist

Singh Neurology Medical Group / Beverley Hills Headache Institute
Beverly Hills, California

Meditation Therapist, Energy Medicine Therapist

Premier Neurology Medical Group
Beverly Hills, California

Meditation Therapist, Energy Medicine Therapist

Sanare Sanctuary Wellness Center

Beverly Hills, California
Meditation Therapist, Reiki Therapist, Hypnotherapist


The magic is always all around you.


You just need to remember to STRONGly connect!"

More than half my life with an Enlightened MAGICAL Meditation Grandmaster as my Teacher :)


See what others had to say about their experience with Ravi's Meditation Therapy & Strong Reiki ...

“For years I suffered debilitating migraines. I tried all kinds of conventional and unconventional treatments but nothing helped. Then I met Ravi. After just a few Reiki sessions, the migraines decreased and over time, have completely disappeared! I cannot express how life changing it has been to not suffer in pain. Reiki with Ravi is different from the others because with him, you will get results for whatever kind of help you need. I highly recommend booking with Ravi if you want to experience healing and increased quality of life.”

- April

Los Angeles CA


“I've been suffering from sleeping issues & anxiety for years and after a few Reiki sessions with Ravi, I've felt more relaxed & at ease. Ravi helps explain the benefits of energy healing & how to meditate while doing a distant & in person Reiki session, which made the experience overall peaceful. I highly recommend booking a few Meditative Strong Reiki sessions with Ravi :)

 - Karina

Los Angeles, California

"My heart just opened up. All this just opened. Ravi is an extraordinary Reiki Healer.” 

- Ilona

Lake Hughes, CA

“Wow..this is what peace feels like.” 

- Yvonne

Los Angeles, CA

“Ravi is my Reiki Healer! I no longer need my daily migraine meds.” 

- Brajas

Los Angeles, CA

"Your treatments are amazing. You always seem to find a way to bring me hope and inspire me to take the next step. Thank you Ravi, I am truly grateful.” 


Santa Monica, CA

"Thanks to you buddy I don't drop acid (LSD) anymore". 

- Kevin

Culver City, CA

"I feel so so grateful Ravi. Thank you." 

- Jennifer

Los Angeles, CA

“The pain is gone. Like a morphine shot in the brain. Just gone.” 

- Bernice

Beverley Hills, CA

"I would recommend Ravi Singh to all my closest friends and relatives. He's a true expert in his field and he has brought me many gifts. Whether you want to improve your health, inner peace, longevity, or begin a meditation practice, Ravi will show you how."

- Juniper Lusk

Administrator at Passages

Malibu, CA

“Ravi Singh is an extraordinary practitioner of "Energetic Body Balancing", a field of Energy Medicine, that integrates both mind-body-medicine to give very impressive healing results. "

- Dr. Singh

Beverley Hills, CA

“As you worked on Brandon, I could feel your energy all the way on the other side of the room. Very relaxing, calming. Beautiful.”

- Peggy Dace

Newport Beach, CA

“Ravi gave me insights into my own life journey, real information I can use to guide my own path within the Greater Path. I had a huge breakthrough! Honestly, I got an opportunity to break through to a deeper understanding, instead of drowning in my pain. I am not one to drown in my emotions. Ravi lovingly helped me work through my feelings, right there on the call with a sacred meditation approach.”

- Millie

Beverly Hills, CA

"I love the profound wisdom and insights that come through with Ravi’s techniques to connect to Source. He helps me stay on target. Each session with Ravi is so very beneficial. Ravi is an amazing Reiki Healer!"

 - Sue

Brentwood, CA

... and let's not forget our 

ONENESS Meditation Life Coaching Clients Testimonials :)

​"I love the profound wisdom and insights that come through with Ravi’s techniques to connect to Source. He helps me stay on target. Each session with Ravi is so very beneficial."

​“Ravi gave me insights to my own life journey, real information I can use to guide my own path within the Greater Path. I had a huge breakthrough! Honestly, I got an opportunity to break through to a deeper understanding, instead of drowning in my pain. I am not one to drown in my emotions. Ravi lovingly helped me work through my feelings, right there on the call with a sacred meditation approach.”

“Words can’t describe how valuable Ravi has been in directing me through some challenges and into a space that feels as if it holds all the answers & goodness I need. I have been able to show up and better serve professionally & personally thanks to Ravi. Ravi has become my go to for clarity & clear answers. He helps shed light exactly where it’s needed most. Thank you Ravi!”

“I experienced the most profound coaching today with Ravi Singh. I have never experienced someone transmitting such high vibrations. I left there with HEALING, not only coaching. It was like Source energy blasted me open and gave me access to the doorstep and knowingness of the universe. All I can say is WOW!”

“Thank you Ravi for the beautiful powerful connection you provide. I feel so much more connected to truth and love!!! So grateful!”

“This is just what I needed to experience today! Thank you!!”

“Thank you Ravi for the beautiful and powerful coaching sessions. You say you are only guiding me but you bring so much spirit with you into this space with the transmission of truth and love!!! So grateful!”

"I absolutely love the opportunity to be part of this Ravi. I am so grateful. I love what is now happening in my life. I can’t even imagine what you experience with your teacher/coach. You live and teach a magical and essential life hack!”

... what's on your mind?

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